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Jeff Markley
I grew up with two passions: video games and drawing

For a time, I put the latter on the back burner to embrace new experiences such as cooking, sports and studying abroad, but never forgot the enjoyment of breaking out the pencils and letting my imagination run free.

My style is not fixed and has evolved over the years as several influences and artists have inspired me to explore new ways of drawing and expression. But one of these days, I'll have to settle down on a trademark style that people can glance at and say, "that's a Jeff Markley drawing".

Current Residence: Tokyo
Favourite genre of music: Rock
I saw a former classmate joined deviantART and decided to check my portolio, not that there's much to check, but I wanted to remind myself what I have uploaded.

I've been sketching on and off over the past dozen or so months. But, being the lazy bum that I am, I haven't bothered uploading since most of the sketches are unfinished or were done spur of the moment.

If you've checked my existing sketches, you'll know what I mean by unfinished.  One of these days, though...

Last year, I started a new job, which has me doing lots of things - none of which has me drawing, but I at least get to play with Adobe CS sometimes. Steady jobs have a tendency to ruin precious doodling hours, but I try to at least take down notes of my next sketch ideas on my phone or whatever's handy.

No promises, but I hope to have some new stuff uploaded soon.

  • Listening to: Southern Allstars - Tsunami
  • Watching: Office Space
  • Eating: Ham Sammich
  • Drinking: Suntory Nikka on the rocks

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Jujudoremi Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2010  Student General Artist
Arigato for the watch ^^
S-Babb Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Hey Jeff,

I wanted to say hello. Great stuff! You still in Japan?
JeffMarkley Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2010
Hey Steve!

Thanks, I haven't uploaded up all my stuff because I don't trust DA's copyright policy, or like their watermark -- so makin' my own! Expect more!
You got some pretty good stuff up your self! Do you draw for a comic label/commissions?

Yeah, I'm still hanging out in 'ol Japan! So much material here it's tough to decide what to draw when the hamster wheel starts spinning.
You should come out here sometime!
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